Ascend Descend, In pixel dust we trust
EDITION: 5 ( + 3AP )
The artwork is a symbolic Mandala composed of both biotic and synthetic elements. The living organisms represent the sentient lifeforms of our planet and the plastic objects are markers of the Anthropocene, expressing the plastic zeitgeist of our time.

The piece 'deify' these tiny organisms, venerated as sentient beings in a microcosm to remind us of our forgotten biological kinship and interconnectedness with other life forms.

There are two oxygen generating life forces on our planet, the Forest and the Ocean.
Some of the largest and the tiniest organisms perform life sustaining miracles everyday. For millions of years mycelium nourishes the trees while phytoplankton in the ocean produces oxygen and fixed carbon - as I breathe, I thank the ocean, and the forest and the sun, for without light, life cannot sustain.

The Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol used by Asian cultures as an aid to meditation. It is a representation of the cosmos, an imaginary palace, it is often venerated as a portal toward an inner journey of transformation to achieve awareness and potential in themselves. It all starts with awareness of breathing, often depicting a deity in the center.