Iyvone Khoo (born in Singapore) lives and works in London, UK.

Her diverse media include glass, video, light, bioluminescence and invertebrates.

Khoo confronts the peril of how we set ourselves apart from nature as if it is different from us.

Her practice explores the ephemeral transitory of the human condition within nature as she observes

the phenomenon present in the microcosm and the macro cosmos.

In her work, it aims to facilitate a hypothetical conversation between man and nature.

Situated in the overlap and contrast between ideas of nature and the artificial, Khoo speculates interspecies communication, environmental consciousness through her practice.

She is known for her work that explores the aesthetics and artistry of bioluminescent.

As a MEAD Fellow, she collaborates with scientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography filming

living bioluminescent phytoplankton.

Iyvone has exhibited in the UK, USA and internationally. Her works are collected in private collections.

Significant Achivements
Plastic Wonderland
Iyvone Khoo's works are playful digital light paintings. Telling stories through a mix of colours, characters and blending the organic with the synthetic.

Plastic Wonderland presents a selection of NFTs never before available.
Electric Jellyfish #3
8571 × 6000 JPEG
Open Edition

From the Electric Jellyfish series.
Total editions to be minted: 15

Plastic Wonderland (2020)
GIF, 00:09 min, 116MB
Edition of 3 + 2 AP
Edition 1 and 3 are available (2AP reserved by the artist)
Please note: The displayed image low resolution. The full size version is tokenised.

Once upon a time…in Plasticville, the plastic magician makes plastic things for almost every need…his collection grows as he grows old surrounded by unbreakable eternal toys.

This assemblage is composed of a plastic SHELL logo cap, a toy baby head, a teddy bear, a poodle cookie cutter, a wheel and a leaning man on an island of plastic granules, collected from Hawaii. The narrative questions what world are we leaving behind for the next generation due to our continued over consumption.
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