Born and raised in Belgrade, Misha Milovanovich has been living and working in London since 1988. She graduated from Saint Martins College of Art in 1997, where she begun formulating her distinctive style, characterised by vivid colour and energetic visual cadences. Misha is a multidisciplinary artist, widely known for her paintings, ceramics and sculptures. She has also been working in digital medium since 2008.

Significant Achievements
Spiritual Eternal
Misha likes to think of her work as Synthetic Neo-Pop, filled with disruptive depictions of lust and digital addiction
Misha humorously deconstructs history of art by borrowing elements from famous artworks created by prominent male artists. In this new body of work, Misha is working with computer graphics technology such as ZBrush and Blender to render new spiritual dimensions.

This body of work looks at themes of beauty and nature, whilst also commenting on the perception of women as objects in the commercial realm of art dominated by men.

Working to balance their symphonic cacophony of textures and movement, these artworks are also odes to religious tapestries and the Masters of the High Renaissance. They not only refer to El Greco, Zurbaran and Velasques, but are also influenced by the techniques of American hyperrealist painters from the 1970s.

This body of work is named Spiritual Eternal, playing homage to Alice Coltrane, the great dame of jazz and Misha’s artistic muse.

Untitled 04 (Spiritual Eternal)
2021, Digital still made with ZBrush & Blender, 7000x5000px JPEG
Edition of 2
Untitled 06 (Spiritual Eternal)
2021, Digital still made with ZBrush & Blender, 7000x5000px JPEG
Edition of 1
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