Born and raised in Moscow, Tatiana Brodatch graduated from the Architectural Institute and worked as an architect for 15 years, between Moscow and Milan, contributing to the making of award-winning buildings, as well as published in several magazines from the field.

Although still very passionate about her job, but looking for a more straightforward and immediate way of expressing herself, from 2013 she embarked on an artistic journey.

The spontaneity finds the perfect allay in Plasticine, an adaptable material that doesn't get stiff, with which Tatiana creates faceless characters, bearer of universal feelings: the relationship with the Other, the personal reflections, doubts, and hesitations typical of human nature are told by the artist through sculptures, photographs, and videos. Since 2015 Tatiana lives and works in her studio in Milan.
Significant Achivements
Portrait on the Como lake
The video series "portrait on the Como lake" was made as a continuation of a project conceived by the curator Caroline Corbetta in Milan. Using a window of a restaurant, called "il crepaccio" by Maurizio Cattelan, various artists were invited to exhibit. In 2016 the project continued its work on Instagram, where the video portraits were shown for the first time.

The video collages are set at the Villa d'Este in Cernobbio at the Como lake and combine stop animation and collage with a soundscape that creates an intimately shared moment.
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Portrait on the Como lake #2
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Portrait on the Como lake #3
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Portrait on the Como lake #5
MOV Video, 720x720, 8.3Mb
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