How to buy your $HT by White Male Artist
Starting July 1st and ending July 29th, White Male Artist is offering a private, word-of-mouth, insider auction of cans of shit in the form of an NFT.

You will have a 24-hour window to buy each day's NFT. A sale begins 12:00 noon Eastern time and ends the following day at 12:00 noon. If you are not familiar with crypto auctions and do not have access to an Ethereum wallet funded with ETH crypto currency, this $HT will take a little planning.
Step 1
Create Coinbase Account
If you don't already have ETH crypto currency to make a bid, one of the more secure and popular places to make an ETH purchase is Coinbase.
The process is straightforward:

1. Sign Up on Coinbase using your email and phone number
2. Verify your information
3. Connect your bank or PayPal accounts (alternatively you can use a wire transfer or your debit card)
4. Buy enough ETH crypto currency to buy your $HT

NOTE: New accounts sometimes face delays of up to 5 days for fund withdrawals, so do not wait until the last minute to make your ETH purchase. $HT takes time!

Step 2
Create Ethereum Wallet
If you don't already have an Ethereum wallet to hold both your crypto currency or digital assets (ex. $HT COIN), more common choices are Metamask or Fortmatics.
Step 3
Transfer Funds and Bid
You are almost there! Transfer your ETH from Coinbase into your newly created Ethereum wallet, follow the White Male Artist project page to access the next auction on OpenSea where you can login with your Ethereum wallet to bid.
Retrieve your Ethereum wallet address
The public address of your Ethereum wallet should be easily accessible from within the wallet. You will need this address to transfer funds from your Coinbase account. Simply copy the address and proceed to Coinbase.

Transfer funds from Coinbase
Move funds from your Coinbase account into your Ethereum wallet:

1. Go to Coinbase dashboard
2. Click Send / Receive
3. Specify the amount of transfer
4. Paste your Ethereum wallet address in the "To" field
5. Select Ethereum as the currency for the transfer

You are ready!
Follow to the project page to get the information on the next $HT auction.