Press Release

We planted our first SEED in 2018 when a small backyard idea took root. Having a deep passion and connection to the Ocean, we recognized a rapidly increasing global problem that had no signs of slowing down. At SEED we practice what we preach.
By revolutionizing how we remove, separate and educate others on plastic pollution we aspire to change the world by planting one SEED at a time.

By creating a business model around People, Planet, Profit, we are committed to empowering the people, giving back to our planet and using our profits to continue those goals. In order for us to accomplish our mission we created Seed.World to financially support SEED's vision of educating and innovating others. Seed.World is a Limited Liability Corporation and SEED (Stimulating Education and Ecological Design) is our non-profit organization. Our non-profit provides open source technology and information in order to spread education in schools and communities, locally and abroad.

We believe that our plastic pollution problem cannot be solved by any one person or one organization but must be a collective effort that we are all contributing towards.

At Seed, we believe that helping others is about giving credit not taking it, breaking down barriers not building them, destroying corporations not creating them, zeroing in on short-term goals without losing sight of our long-term values, aligning positional and philosophical gaps not setting boundaries, dreaming big and acting bigger, accepting setbacks and learning from them, and most of all, helping others is about love and truly caring for those whom you serve.
Founder Ray

A passionate and dedicated leader who is committed to helping others and changing the climate around plastic pollution. Originally from Chino, California he came to Hawaii in 2013 on Military orders. After spending 8 years as an active duty Combat Engineer, and experiencing more of the world, he resigned in 2017 to make Hawaii his home. Realizing the negative impacts we were having on our world, and reconnecting with the land, he has dedicated his life to helping right the wrongs that have been done and to bring a larger awareness to local and global issues that are still impacting us. Ray is currently Chair for the Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter and a research collaborator at the Center for Marine Debris Research (CMDR). At CMDR, he is using the methods and inventions he's developed to analyze the accumulation of Micro-plastic pollution on Oahu's shores. Being very active within his local community, Ray has given several educational lectures, demonstrations and public testimonies around plastic pollution and the impact our waste is causing.

Everyday I celebrate Ocean Day, the life and love she provides us. My entire mission is for her."