Curated by Sonia Belfiore
Travel Diary is a logbook, a collection of visual notes from a voyeuristic journey through enigmatic, yet familiar places. A group of eight artists embarks on a journey in an effort to disclose cities, landscapes, stories, symbols, and myths, rethinking their historical, social and aesthetic nature in order to reframe their position in the present age. The artists on show create an imaginative space by means of different practices and narrations, so as to achieve a renewed observation of what is mysterious and habitual at the same time.

In this way, the presented artworks erect a stratification of stories, memories, and familiar objects, by means of manifold languages, thus displaying an atlas of contemporaneity and unique space for the individual. In an era characterized by the impossibility of fulfilling our need and desire to travel, Travel Diary offers a chance to escape and explore, a Wanderlustand, ultimately, an invitation to discover the unknown.
Sonia Belfiore
Independent curator
Sonia Belfiore (Italy, 1991) is an independent curator and project developer based in Italy.
Belfiore attended the Curatorial Program of School for Curatorial Studies in Venice, the Arts and Heritage Management course offered by Bocconi, and graduated in Art History at University of Padua.
In 2019 Belfiore was appointed assistant curator to the director of Artissima (International Art Fair in Turin), in which she developed partners' cultural projects.
She previously worked as curator for 'Il Terzo Occhio del Pesce', a sound art program in Milan, as co-curator for 'P.A.S.E' a weekly program focuses on sound and poetry held in La Habana (Cuba) and as assistant curator for 'L'Arabesco del Tempo' by Giacinto di Pietrantonio.
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Nike Jaw
Francesco Tagliavia

Still Image, JPG, 1.9Mb, 2017
Single Edition
In the series Logoratio, the artist borrows recognizable features, taken from famous brands, to transfigure their meaning. Using a variety of pre-existing signs, which inevitably contain information about the character and identity of the associated brand, Francesco Tagliavia mixes and decontextualizes them. Although the hybridizations are unprecedented, the compositions are immediately recognizable.

Combining the power of different symbols and meanings, the artist creates images that are at the same time unique but familiar, close to everyday life but that trigger short-circuits of meaning. Francesco Tagliavia, remixing the signs of famous brands, brings to the surface a different key to interpret the contemporary.
Luisa Turuani

Video, MP4, 15.5MB
Single Edition

Luisa Turuani

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Ctrl+Alt+Canc shows a series of Depositions coming alive thanks to a continuous process of destruction and reconstruction. As Christ is deposed from the cross, images are released from their body. The immateriality, or the unusual materiality of the digital world, forces us to redefine the perception of our body and space where we live. Pixels fall more and more densely, then collapse and born again at every look of the observer.
8 Artists from Italy
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