b.1967. Lives and works in Trondelag, Norway.

Trygve has been working with digital art since the late 1990s and has had the computer as his main artistic tool since then. He originally educated as a civil engineer, which is perhaps why he finds computers such a natural tool for art-making.

In his art, he looks for glimpses of answers to the questions "What is it like to be human? Isn't it strange, to be a spiritual creature and a piece of nature?" In that way, the main subject for his artistic work is the balance between nature, the body, and the soul. He mainly works with digital collage, as he finds the process of cutting out, combining, and moving about pictures and symbols stimulating in his exploration of the mystery of human existence.

He lives and works just beside a large forest in Trondelag, Norway, and finds this a peaceful and inspiring location for making his art.
Significant Achivements
The Artist as an Unknown God
In this series of digitally re-constructed self-portraits, the artist explores our culture's never-ending search for perfection within. In the works, the artist strike poses inspired by images of primitive gods. After using the computer to symmetrize the figures, he digitally paints a mandala-like background and virtual body paint over the manipulated figure, creating an image of a primitive, digital deity.
The Artist as an Unknown God #1
3500x3500 pixels
Open Edition NFT